Catholic Radio and Television Network (CRTN)

Vision: Through the means of communications to serve the media needs of the local Churches and through the exchange foster a greater mutual understanding and unity among Christians, especially between Catholics and Orthodox.Mission: A Catholic network specialised in the production and distribution of religious programming via radio, television and the Internet.The web site seeks to serve:Producers: by facilitating program presentation and negotiation with broadcastersBroadcasters: by providing them with a source of quality and theologically sound Catholic programming and;Catholic Institutions: by supporting Catholic institutions in developing countries, which have air time, however, lack the financial means to either buy or produce Catholic programming.

Тип продюсера Индивидуальный предприниматель
Адрес Bischof-Kindermann-Str. 23
Город Königstein im Taunus
Индекс D-61462
Страна Германия
Континент Европа
Телефон +49 6174 291 432
Факс (812) 400 23 30
Контактная информация Maria Lozano — Manager
E-mail (ENG) (RUS)
Телефон 6174291399

ТВ-Программы Catholic Radio and Television Network (CRTN)